In a recent interview with
Saturday Beats, Banky W opened
up on why he’s still single.

The singer said “Yes I am single
and it’s tough. It is a question of
time. I’d like to think that I will
eventually make a great
boyfriend and husband. I try to
be a romantic guy. I am very
spontaneous. I like to enjoy my
relationships. When the time is
right, I will be able to do all of

“Physical beauty is important to a
certain extent because you have
to be attracted to someone to
want to get to know more. I like
girls that are independent and
ambitious, that I can have a real
conversation with. I like fun girls;
girls who love music and can
dance because I love to dance. If
you can cook, it’s a huge plus
because I am a sucker for good
food.” he added.

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