Famous Nigerian R&B
singer, Darey Art Alade who
dropped his fifth studio album
‘unclad’ on October 13, 2015 has
opened up on why he posed
unclad in a promo picture of the

In an exclusive new interview,
Darey explained why he posed
unclad, and the concept behind

“You see the picture is a visual
representation of the real story
behind the ‘unclad’ album. The
idea is to be vulnerable and to be
vulnerable I also needed to do
something that I have never
done before. Something I could
probably swear I would never do
but also it’s not because I am
trying to make some kind of
social media frenzy statement or
whatever” Darey said.

Darey also said the picture was
not done in a distasteful manner
and it was about him making an
artistic statement.

“It’s really about representing
what I am trying to say. If I said
‘unclad’ what comes to your
mind? Maybe, somebody without
clothes on? But again the
photograph is done tastefully so
it is artistic, not showing private
parts. I am not trying to take
your mind to where unclad
sounds like” said Darey.

“It’s art and there is a clear
difference between trying to be
obscene and vulgar and trying to
be artistic. This is me trying to be
artistic” he further said.

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