Super producer Masterkraft has
revealed why many producers
don’t last at the top.

The General Records hit maker
has been in music for over half-a-
decade, with many hit songs
under his belt.

Recently he has signed CDQ, and
gone on to make the hit song

The Producer recently had a chat
with Pulse TV, where he shared
insights on why many producers
don’t have an extended shelf life
at the top of the industry.

Masterkraft believes some of the
fault lies within the copyright
laws and enforcement of it
within the country.

“The first thing that happens
which is rather very emotional
for me is that we live in a country
where the real talents are really
not supported. For example, in
copyright law, if the music is
100%, the composition of the
music is 50%, and whoever sings
or writes on top of it gets 50%.”
Masterkraft explained.

“Now imagine if 50% of the
income a Wizkid made on (the
song) ‘Don’t dull’ had gone to
Samklef. Wouldn’t it have been an
encouraging situation for

Masterkraft also put the blame on
the producers, citing
complacency and a refusal to
evolve with the global dynamics
of sound as a core reason for

“ a point, if you stop to do
research, then you are definitely
going down.
Sound changes, every time it
changes. I think at a point they
did not do their research well,
they did not improve on
themselves, so definitely they had
to go down.”

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