Gift cards at best rates

Gift cards at best rates

About CardVest

CardVest is a digital assets exchange platform that began operations in 2016. The platform was established to provide customers with a smooth and convenient way to trade gift cards online instantly. It is vital to note that clients who trade with CardVest are beneficiaries of profitable and friendly rates, which is not a common occurrence.

To get started with CardVest, you don’t have to pay a penny, as registration is free, and it costs nothing to trade on the platform.

CardVest App- Remodelling the viewpoint of digital asset exchange in Nigeria

Would you be surprised to hear that there’s an app that displays every bit of human clairvoyance? Yes, CardVest App was made with you in mind. This is why all the features on this app are suited to make your trading experience worth it.

It is a rare sight to get confused when using the CardVest app to trade gift cards for cash because it comes with a user-friendly interface that allows for seamless navigation. This implies that you only need 2 seconds to find your way around the app.

From the signing up phase to the point where you place your order and verify your card, CardVest app allows you to run through every stage without CATCH-22s!

The best platform to trade gift cards for cash- Trade gift cards with ease on CardVest App

Anyone who trades on CardVest can attest to the fact that the platform speaks great volumes of ease, security, speed and reliability. Beyond the trades that take place on the platform, CardVest is passionate about changing how digital assets exchange work in Nigeria.

Concerning the assurance of security, CardVest stands through to its word as there are impenetrable firewalls to prevent third parties from accessing the information of customers.

The beauty about CardVest’s security system is, there are intermittent upgrades to continually shut out fraudsters, hackers and other categories of duplicitous individuals. When these upgrades occur, CardVest doesn’t leave you stranded, as you will be given prior information if the upgrades will hamper trades or not.

In addition, if you are looking to get the Best rates, similar to what the Chinese offer, CardVest is your final destination. The reason why our rates are unmatched is that CardVest recognizes the fact that each customer is important, and their presence contributes to the continuous growth of the company.

Again, it is super-easy to carry out transactions on CardVest app. We recognize that there are other important things to attend to, and we play our little part by making it possible for you to carry out transactions within few minutes.

How to sell my gift cards for cash with CardVest

If you’ve read up to this point, and you are asking, “how can I sell my gift card for cash instantly?” here are some outlined steps for you to follow.

  • Visit to get started
  • Create your account and sign in with your login details
  • Select the Card category and the exact card you want to trade
  • Submit the vital card details
  • Await confirmation, and once your card is verified, you will be credited instantly.

Free tip:Download CardVest App on Google Playstore to trade faster

To wrap up, it is imperative to mention that CardVest is an innovative brand conscious of regular changes in the digital assets niche. We promise to tailor our services as the tides change to serve you better.

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