Vice President, Prof. Yemi
Osinbajo, has said the
administration of President
Muhammadu Buhari, is
determined to stamp out
corruption and solve power
problem, which have become an
incessant problem in Nigeria.

Osinbajo said this in his address
on Tuesday at the seventh
convocation of the Redeemer’s
University, Ede in Osun State.

The vice president said the
members of the administration
who were daily being confronted
with the negative effect of years
of massive theft of the nation’s
resources were convinced that
Nigeria needed to stop
corruption for it to survive.

He said, ” Most importantly, we
must defeat the scourge that has
brought us to our knees as a

“For those of us who daily see
the damage that theft and
wastage of public resources have
done to us as a nation, we agree
with President Muhammadu
Buhari that if we don’t kill
corruption, corruption will kill

“We are determined to solve the
problem of power in Nigeria.
Regular power supply will open
up industries, will help small and
media scale enterprises to do
their businesses without cost of
petrol and diesel and their

“We are determined to establish
technology parks, these are
specially designed places
provided with power and
Internet to young people
interested technology as
business to have a platform to
operate from.”

He stated that the administration
would also invest in agriculture
to boost food production and to
create jobs for millions of

To achieve this, the vice
president disclosed that the
Federal Government was
cooperating seven states in the
production or rice, cassava,
cashew nuts and other crops.

All these, he said, were efforts of
the administration to bring
Nigeria to the level of self
sufficiency in food production.

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