Mourinho was terribly
disappointed in his side’s first
half showing yesterday at Saint
James’ Park and made it clear in
no uncertain terms.

Chelsea fought back from 2-0
down to pick up a 2-2 draw
against Newcastle United but
Mourinho was irked that his side
found themselves in that position
in the first place. “In the first half,
from 0 to 10, [Chelsea were] -1. It
was that bad,” Mourinho told Sky
Sports. “The second half was
really good. I’m very happy with
the second half, really
disappointed with the first half.
And I have to try to understand
why one team can play so bad in
one half and so well in another
one. In every aspect in the first
half we were bad.” Mourinho
was speaking after the game
when he made these comments
about his side’s performance.

Yesterday’s draw keeps Chelsea
in 15 position after 7 rounds
of matches and means that
Chelsea are already way off the
title race so early in the season.
Mourinho needs a turn around

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