BABA YOU TOO MUCH is a song of Deep appreciation and a memorial of the glorious Act of the Invincible God.

It’s a Time to do the PRAISE CHALLENGE.

Sometimes we are Overwhelmed by life challenges and we go through the ‘VALLEY OF SHADOWS’, discouraged and disconcerted. The ultimate aim of the Arch enemy of our soul is to make YOU doubt God and loose Faith, But the Son of man says ,’when I come shall I find faith on earth?’

Did you know that mighty things happen in the spiritual realm when we Praise.

1. God is enthroned and shows his ULTIMATE POWER on our behalf.

2. The devil is embarrassed and shamed.

3. Jericho walls and the Gate of brass are broken

4. Prison doors open and you go through. etc

Time will fail me to describe the revelations revealed when SAINTS PRAISE. All things works together for the good of those that love God, so when you settle your SITUATION in prayers, seal it with PRAISE……I mean praise your way to your BREAKTHROUGH, EXALTING GOD BECAUSE FATHFUL IS HIM WHO HAS PROMISED AND WILL PERFORM IT.

Did you know that PRAISE AND WORRY ARE TWO Phenomenal that never coincide. SAY to those who are fearful hearted DO NOT BE AFRAID. The lord your GOD IS STRONG AND WITH A MIGHTY AND OUTSTRETCHED ARM he will SAVE YOU……. The LORD is turning your TEARS AND TEST to TESTIMONY.

Why not RECOUNT your BLESSINGS and you’ll have more reason to TRUST THE INVINCIBLE GOD


Join me on your way to breakthrough as we disgrace and stab the arch enemy of our soul through Praise and create an ATMOSPHERE CHARGED For the ALMIGHTY TO OPERATE.

Let’s do the PRAISE CHALLENGE. Tell a friend about it and help someone live an overcoming life through Praise.


By Lekky

A Cool Headed Element!, Snapchat: Lekky_ngwide

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