Ace rapper, Vector recently set a record of longest freestyle on radio in Nigeria. He was invited for the Rhythm Freestyle Fury where he rapped non -stop for 2 hours 30 minutes. In a chat with Showtime, the talented rapper revealed why he engaged in it.

“It’s just to create an excitement around the genre hip-hop and pretty much just do what we can .The whole industry is very cliché .We are not trying to do anything extra outside dance with our talents. While we are still making dance music, it only makes sense for us to do record breaking things and also make history.”

Speaking on how prepared he was before the show, he says he wasn’t prepared.

“I didn’t prepare for it. How do you prepare for freestyle? Everything I rapped about people sent it to the station via social media so I didn’t prepare anything. All I was thinking of is, ‘ God don’t let them come up with stupid topics’ and as usual somebody said I should rap about Akara.”

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