Toyin Haastrup Set to Shine With New Movies; Wehinwo and Osanle


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It was a sunny Tuesday in Lagos, Nigeria on the 5th January 2021, met with US Based Nollywood actress at the movie location in Omole, Lagos for her new project titled Osanle.

Could you tell us the project you’re working on currently?

I just finished Weyinwo and the another one titled Osanle produced by me Toyin Haastrup.

What are you projections for the New Year?

I just hope this year will be great for all of us, I really don’t have plans because I will be going back to the USA anytime soon and I am very sure before the end of the year I’ll be back to Nigeria to shoot more movies.

Being a film maker in diaspora what are the challenges you face in movie production?

This is my first time producing in Nigeria, I produce in America. Over there the only challenges I face there is that people are busy with other works, not like in Nigeria where people do acting full time. So in America we have to keep rescheduling .

How has Covid 19 affected you as a film maker?

Before I left America, we couldn’t shoot any movie because of the Covid-19 lockdown. I went to only one movie location throughout 2020.

Being a US based actor, how is your relationship with home based film makers?

I started here in Nigeria before I travelled, I knew some people and we are like family and friends. So they welcome me whenever I call that I am coming home. I love them.

What do you aim to achieve with movies Weyinwo and Osanle?

I aim to achieve great things, I want the movies to go out there and people should see it and learn from them.

Which actors should we expect to see in the movies?

In Weyinwo we have Ibrahim Chatta, Ronke Odunsanya, Alhaji Taiwo Hassan (Ogogo), my director Adebayo Tijani, my PM Eniola Afeez, Kemi Korede , Kemi Afolabi, Sanyeri, Golugo and many others. While in Osanle I have Remi Surutu, Muyiwa Adegoke, Shade Shittu, Dele Odule, Victoria Kolawole, Damipe Adekoya, Afeez Eniola, Adebayo Tijani.


Currently the trending topic on social media is DNA & Paternity Fraud, as a public figure what is your take on DNA / Paternity Fraud.

It happened to my Uncle too, he lives in Canada and he wanted to take the children to Canada with him but when they did the DNA he realised to the them were not his children.
I don’t know what to say about that because you know sometimes we women something pushes us around to I won’t say sleep with different men but.

It is not a good thing for women and it’s not fare on us because some men will be like women are all the same.
It’s not good, if you know you’re not in love with your husband or you don’t want to marry him then why did you marry him in the first place? Just go for whatever suit you. Instead of marrying someone and cheating on him, it’s not good.

So do you think DNA test should be done immediately after birth?

I don’t know if it works here in Nigeria but it works in abroad. If you give birth and you’re not sure maybe the child is yours.
It’s not really necessary but with what is happening now I believe some men will say they have to do DNA test including the ones that don’t even care about the children they have taking care of for a long time now. They will be like lets go and do DNA to if these kids are mine.
I will advise if that is the necessary thing to do, they should do it. They should go ahead and do it immediately because later on it might be too late.

You recently received recognition award for excellence from MayaAwards, how do you feel?

I feel so good, I feel happy because this is my first award ever. I am so happy and I’m grateful. I really appreciate MAYA Awards for this.

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