1. Most singles especially women see spinsterhood as a shame, looking at the mirror like “MY AGE MATES ARE MARRIED AND HAVE GIVEN BIRTH TO CHILDREN. My sister don’t be in a haste, trust God to bring pass his will concerning you at his own time. IT IS BETTER TO BE SINGLE THAN MARRIED TO THE WRONG PERSON.

2. The best of God cannot be rushed! Dear, don’t rush and marry anyone that comes along, having waited for a long time, it may lead to an error that you will live to regret. BE PATIENT AND BUILD YOUR CHARACTER. Read Psalm 64:6.

3. Don’t involve yourself in pre-marital S3x, thinking it is the best to compel a man to marry you, IT IS TOTALLY WRONG! Discipline your body, Don’t buy into that lie of the devil that says “S3x IS LOVE”. S3x alone will never make a man stay committed to you. TELL HIM TO WAIT TILL THE NIGHT OF YOUR WEDDING.

4. DONT WORRY, BE HAPPY! don’t feel sorry for yourself, don’t allow sorrow to break your heart because you are single. Worrying will make you look 55 when you are just 25. Don’t say to yourself “ALL MY FRIENDS ARE MARRIED WITH CHILDREN”..Please don’t worry. Always dress beautiful, glow with sense of pride, be fulfilled, and stay HAPPY.

5. DONT BE JEALOUS OF OTHERS, dont feel bad because your friends are getting married, “Oh we finished school together, now look at her married and am single” STOP IT. Rejoice with them so that your miracle can become REAL ON TIME.

6. DONT compare yourself to anybody because GOD IS ABOUT TO DO SOMETHING BIGGER IN YOUR LIFE. Don’t give up on God because God will never give up on YOU.

7. You must not allow the desire to get married rob you off your existence. If I may ask you, WHAT ARE YOU PRIORITIES? WHAT ARE YOU LIVING FOR?? dear set a goal for yourself and work towards it, marriage is important BUT IT IS NOT EVERYTHING.

8. Give God his rightful place in your life, Fear the Lord. YOU WILL MAKE IT.

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