Stylee Broda (Omo Osun No 1). Bravo! Thank u for the propagation of THE MIC ’15 news. Maybe I should begin with this; ur low school grade shortened ur memory and ur incapability to perform ur “awa l’omo Osun” songs beyond Asejire dam made u tink awards are meant for beginners. Awards are what quantities hardwork, labour, relevance, Popularity and so on in dat likes and not a talent hunt. I know u r myopic and ur intelligent quotient is ill.

This was manifested when u think u r a senior artiste in Osun state during d coalition of Osun Hip Hop group that was holding at Baba Elebuibon Hall/Studio. U were at d first edition of this same award u intend to run down. U were also given the privilege to perform at d industry night the 3rd edition. U also won the best group artiste of the year in ’14 of this same award. I knw u must have forgotten cos u r a nix. why dint u return the award trophy that ur representative or ur friend received on ur behalf? Dump skulls. What u should have done is to have sent a message to d organiser directly and show ur non-interest to be seen on dis award event(site and Stage)simple. There are several awards in which u could be honoured for your stagnate position instead of running THE MIC Awards down. You den sat down, took cheap drugs and you have d guts to write THE MIC Team. How many entertainment event from private body in Osun has kept osun on d national and international Map? DJ Walkit, d Best DJ Category winner in 2012, who has left Osun since then got back to us via dis year’s publicity. An Ijebu-Jesa born Artiste who is based in North America fell back to track via this years edition wishing to support some winners. U den open ur gutter mouth to say we are not helping young Talents. As per the Project Director of this Award, we are very sure u were not born in 1984 wen he was in Pry 3 at The Apostolic Primary sch, Igbaye Ilesa.(Just to let u knw he dint meet u in Osun and vice versa) We are also sure u do not have a computer system in 2009 wen Adebowale Adedoyin a.k.a DJ Rap, an associate of the THE MIC Project in whom we are well pleased, had a digital studio at Okefia which Producer King Solomon managed.

Where were u self when CY – hit song shokoyokoto was rocking the air waves in south west? Y not just keep up with ur low life and stop claiming u r fighting for some talented up coming artistes. We want to ask u guys, how many shows have u put up to help these people u r fighting for?What role did u play in Osun Talent Plus or would you have done better than DJ Sony who put the show up with his personal fund? How many of these upcoming have u done songs for? Cos we heard u have a 8X8 ft room studio somewia in a rustic part of Osogbo. U r just a negative minded individuals who needs deliverance at the Osun Osogbo Festival nxt year. One of the great investors and mover of showbiz in d state- Bright World Entertainment, put down his money, time and other resources to do a monumental song + Video on behalf of Osun Entertainers, Freestyle K produced d beat, King solomon did his best on d song, but u layed ur voice during the recording and couldn’t show up for the video. Maybe u dint have good cloths to wear for d shooting-stinking asshole. A foremost DJ Rap entreated ur support for his show last year u dint show love to him cos he dint pay u. Who would have paid u armatures to come and perform Omo Osun ni wa… Wen u can not even hold Microphones properly as professionals on stage and u claim u watch Award events on TV. How much do u tink u worth self? You talk ‘Osun’ all d time, Is Osogbo the only town in Osun? Ilesa, Ikirun , Ife, gbongan nko?how much do u even know osun self? u guys r just cheap Monks. We remember when u were begging Hon Ladi Soyede(Fmr S.A to Aregbesola) at technical college football pitch in 2012 to perform alongside ‘Lujesha at d evening Jazz show during Osun Osogbo Festival.We knw u as one of the Osun artistes and we like u because you are morons. What a boy of age 22 would have been doing is what u both of older age are doing(2 heads are worse than 1).At least If one is not sensible then other shouldn’t be daft naa. Haba! E ma a ya ara yin ni brain naa. Maybe we should wet ur memory, the Project director for THE MIC Awards has been into showbiz FULLY since 1997 after he left Methodist High Sch Ilesa; He brought Ekwe Sample- 2000, first to bring Slim joe to Osun in 2010(De Place)wen he was a manager there,first to bring Terry G to Osun,first to bring Dj Zeez,first to bring Oritsefemi, first to bring DJ shabzy. First to bring Olamide, first to bring Klever jay and d late Zworld – Zaga.First to bring Olumix. First to manage DJ Rap and Friends 5yrs ago. first to host Yahoo Papi and Friends in 2012 b4 many of Osun people now got crazy about ‘something something and Friends’. He has worked with Zmirage, Samolad Music House both in Lagos. What have u guy done?na to dey scatter Scatter tins una sabi. Who sabi una self? Who has ever paid u for a show? Show us a receipt or teller of 50,000 payment to u guys for a show. What are we even saying… Show us 20k teller!. What Video do u have? What platform have u climbed?We have supported our broda Jones.Jonzin to clime stages like Annual MARE festival in Ondo state, Star Treck, MTN FujiFest, Lagos Beat and many more and u sit in one corner of Ayetoro in Osogbo wen u r not knwn in Okuku, 35 min drive away from where u sit. Don’t cross ur path towards us. We r progressives, we are positive and we are getting better. Shame on u if u don’t BC this reply so that ur people will knw that u have engaged in a pen war. U saw 3 blogs last night abi, we will double it daily so that u can get popular well well.

Our team members are business owners, Entrepreneurs, peopls that have travelled far and wide and people who has pedigree .Our Trustees include, Oba Adedokun Abolarin,Orangun Oke Ila, He is a lawyer and Writer. Dr Olusola Ajala, A veteran Broadcaster, a Lecturer, a media consultant. Mr Dare Babarinsa a mogul in the media industry.A. New yorker social activist Mr Seun Awofadeju,to mention a few. E ti te aso agba Mole! E de ti fi owo gun soso!!
Yours Sincerely

By Lekky

A Cool Headed Element!, Snapchat: Lekky_ngwide

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