She comes here every day,
sweeping, packing and
disposing all by herself. She’s
uninterested in what anyone has
to say about her, she sweeps as
if it is a wage-bound labor based
on time. What a perfect way to
demonstrate her diligence.

Had the street boys hanging
around did the same thing,
wealth will not be unfriendly
with them.

Alas! They say she’s insane,
compilations of all troubles of her
life in her small head busted it,
maybe it is self induced, a tale of
‘what you sow you shall reap’ but
whichever it is, unconcerned she
does her sweeping.

Her masterly command of Yoruba
language and accurate response
to all questions asked made me
doubt her insanity.
Only her legs
that are painted purple like fowls
marked for Christmas and her
over-powdered face cemented
her place in the assembly of

She sweeps and begs for money
to enable her dispose the dirt on
the debris, she maintained her
composure if no one reaches out
to her, she gave no room for self-
pity and always insisted on
paying the ‘Aboki’(cart pusher)
who was to help her dispose the
dirt on the debris.

She knees saying heartwarming
thank you anytime Aboki
volunteers to dispose for free.

Surely the sanitation of the sane
is not as sane as that of this

If insanity nurtures such lucidity
she is sane and we all are insane.

Her ecclesiastic lifestyle preaches
diligence, self-respect, humility,
integrity and gratitude.

She has a passion to see the
surrounding clean regardless of
whether she lives there or not.

She sweeps and sweats and
won’t leave any dirt untouched,
that’s diligence.
She does the sweeping giving no
attention to what people had to
say about her and she insisting
top pay the Aboki despite her
poor status is self-respect.

Having to beg for alms to discard
the dirt without feeling she
deserved to be favored by
passersby is humility, an active
ingredient of greatness.

It was an act of integrity when
she insisted on paying the Aboki
even when he insists on not
collecting money from her.

Bending her kneels to say thank
you for every money given to her
was an act of gratitude, an act
that can spur God to action.

No motivational book writer will
make any mistake of omitting
any of the above qualities when
writing on how to be successful
in life.

Now, let this mad woman teach
us how to live and be successful.

And if truly insanity nurtures
such virtues then all that want to
be successful must pray to be
plagued with her type of insanity.

Written by
Soul’e Rhymez
WhatsApp: +2348163800077

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