Music sensation and pop star, who goes by the name T.turnner is already breaking into the mainstream of the music industry with his new EP, Fantasia, one which he describes as a game changer for his career.

The fast-rising singer whose name is beginning to draw music enthusiasts’ attention dropped his EP days back and became an instant sensation that got many people talking and reaching out to him for engagements.

While he believes the EP would be a game changer, Fantasia who was raised in Kaduna State disclosed that music has always been part of his life since he was a young boy, adding that he has been committed to using his craft to change the story of his life for more than six years.

Produced by famous producer, SMoothkiss, 5-track EP according to the singer reflects the struggle of his life and some of the unforgettable moments of his growing up when he had to run for his dear life from Kaduna to Ikire, Osun State during a riot in the region.





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