Veteran Nigerian singer Sound Sultan as expressed his joy at seeing the Nigerian music industry grow financially. Sound Sultanwho has spent over a decade in the game, said the music industry has developed and grown from struggling to gaining billions of Naira.

“I’m very happy that this industry has gradually taken its rightful position,” he said. “It is quite remarkable that the sector is such a bankable industry. I’m sure in the music industry we are raking in billions every year, which is not a joke.”

“The music industry I knew way back was struggling. It was not even considered in the scheme of things. We were just there, trying to break through to the ears of the people in Nigeria. We were competing with foreign content massively– the foreign content was 80 per cent, and we were 20 per cent.”“Now, even parents are advising their kids to go into music. They now understand that music is a business. It is a multi-billion dollar business that you can’t even joke with,” he said.

By Lekky

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