Singer Omawumitook to her social mediapage to share a photo and the caption was somewhat serious and hilarious at the same time.
The singer was pissed by someone yesterday and nearly lost her cool, but it appears she has since moved on. She further went ahead to reveal that she would rather meet the person face to face and slap the person than quarrelon social media. Here’s what she captioned the photo with below:
Good morning! So I was really upset yesterday and I wanted to vent on social media. With advice from @sunday.are and @bukolaare I decided to cool down. Besides my own na face to face so if anyhow talk start, slap dey follow… No be this social media quarrelwey no dey sweet!
Moving on… God has given me a lot to rejoice about and I’m excited about my new single out soon! Have a great weekend peeps!

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