The atmosphere inside Arthur
Ashe Stadium Tuesday night was
tense and felt like a U.S. Open

Playing in front of a sellout
crowd, Serena Williams defeated
her older sister Venus Williams in
less than two hours, scoring 6-2,
1-6, 6-3.

The quarterfinal match drew all
of the attention it deserved, it
seemed like the crowd inside
showed split loyalty. If anything,
Venus was the favorite, possibly
because fans seemed to know
that this match would not define
Serena’s legacy in the same way
that it could define the second
half of Venus’ career.
Serena won the match 2 sets to
After the game,
Venus said:

“I’m still very excited to see
Serena have an opportunity to
win the four majors,that would
be a huge moment, not just for
me, but for my family just for
what it represents and how hard
we have worked and where we
come from.

“But at the same time, if it
doesn’t happen, it’s not going to
make or break you. We don’t
have anything to prove. She has
nothing to prove. She’s really the
best ever.”

“I think my success is our
success,” Serena said. “It is
important to me, but at the same
time, you know, it is what it is. I’ll
do what I can.”

And Serena said:

“It’s a really great moment. She’s
the toughest person I’ve ever
played in my life and the best
person I know,” Serena said in
her on-court interview after the
win. “It was really difficult today.”

“I think against any other player,
she for sure would have won,”
Serena added in her news

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