Actress Funke Adesiyan has said
she has no regret criticising
fellow actress, Omotola Jalade,
for wearing a cropped top to a
public event recently.
Funke, who was angry at those
who criticised her buddy and
colleague, Bimbo Thomas, who
posted a picture where she wore
a swimsuit on the social media,
said it was irrational of the
people who made nasty
comments concerning what
Bimbo wore.

“I stand by what I said. People
should stop being hypocritical. I
don’t see anything wrong with
anybody wearing a swimsuit at a
beach; do you expect the person
to wear agbada? Omotola is my
senior colleague whom I respect
a lot. She is pretty and very
strong. But this is my opinion. If
people want to criticise
somebody for wearing a
swimsuit to a beach, they might
as well criticise Omotola, a
mother of four, for wearing a
cropped top to a public event. It
is my opinion. I didn’t intend to
insult her person or personality, I
just expressed an opinion,”
Funke said.

On whether she didn’t care if
Omotola felt bad that she called
her out on social media, Funke
said, “She has not told me that
she feels bad about what I
wrote. I don’t see why anybody
should cry more than the
bereaved. It wasn’t out of malice
that I said what I said and of
course, I am not jealous of her. I
can never be jealous of

Funke insisted she wasn’t
defending Bimbo because she is
her friend but because, “I can’t
stand injustice. You don’t have to
be my friend for me to speak up
for you.”

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