Is it not bizarre how self acclaimed celebrities can act in a manner that is most convenient and ideal for them? Look what we have here.
…..This is what the instagram page of hoc
record label owner (@tblakhoc) looks like!
Apparently he’s a fan of naked damsels and
he’s decided to showcase this feature on the Internet! Well we have not been able to realise what the real motive of this young man is but it most likely due to the attention he is been able to stare on social media. He’s also currently airing a contest on the platform #tblakhoc100k and from the look of things he seems to have just the right amount of publicity. The question therefore is whether it’s okay for our adolescents to take this man as their idol as he’s clearly successful in the field that he has been able create for himself. Look below for more of these pictures and decide!

Pic of his contest after the jump..

By Lekky

A Cool Headed Element!, Snapchat: Lekky_ngwide

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