So,what’s our celebrant Name?:-
My Name is Kayode Oluwakemi Olufunke..

You celebrated your birthday on Oct15, so How was it dear ?:-
Menh, Am just short of words about that question because so many peeps even strangers really made me feel untop the world.. Inshort it was an amazing day to me..

Whoa, I see.. evn with the smiles on your face,So let’s hear a little about your dear ?:-
Hmmm, Am a classic girl as peeps do lament Jovia, Naughty, humble, gentle and so on jawe… #Lols

We observed, you are in higher institution, but apart from that what aspect do you think you would be good at?:-
I think modelling even some peeps and relatives do call me for that. So,I might still work on that part if it won’t affect my studies ooo..

Good having speech with you dear, So use this medium to appreciate your fans9:-
Just want to say a big thank you every one for all birthday wishes on BBM, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, text messages and all the calls Today. Felt Super loved. I really appreciate you’ all.God bless every one and may we lived to see many more years to come ……IJN

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