The Ogun stategovernment has issued out a warning to the general public overthe circulation of killer cattle hides and skin locally referred to as “Kponmo” in markets in the state, stating that its consumption may be harmful to consumers’ health.
The state government said some terrible businessmen are using certain chemicals to treat the cattle hides and skin (Kponmo) and are doing so due to the gap between the product’s demand and supply.

Ronke Sokefun, Ogun State’s commissioner for agriculture while addressing stakeholders at a meeting recebtly held in Abeokuta, the Ogun statecapital, concerning the high rate of influx of the said killer kponmo, said the imported kponmo are often brownish-black, with a very offensive smell, abnormally thick with layered sections and are ridiculously cheap compared with the normal ones.
“Tanning chemicals like biocides and fungicides are added along the processing chain to preserve the hides against protein degradation, bacteria and mould growth that would have damaged the hides and skin. “The raw hides are later processed into the local relish called ‘kponmo’ liked by all and bought by unsuspecting members of the public for consumption. “The government, being aware of the health implication of the consumption of this imported hides and skins, considers it important to enlighten the public on the danger inherent in the consumption and prevent further sales of the product as food of animal origin in the state,” Ronke Sofekun said.

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