Top Yoruba Nollywood actressMercy Aigbe-Gentryhas spoken on the raging issue of Nollywood celebrity marriages and why they don’t last the years.
“Failed marriages are on the increase now, not just in Nollywood. Some people are not just ready to be married because it comes with its own challenges and people also get married for the wrong reasons” Mercy Aigbe told us.


She also cited the media for invading the privacy of their marriages. “Nollywood marriages are more challenging because we are constantly in the news without any breathing space or privacy. Also, some journalists just get stories and are too lazy to verify such stories before publishing them” she said.
“Journalists need to know that people are wicked and will want to get back at someone out there; so, they should put their integrity in check before writing any story” she further said.
Mercy Aigbe has been married since 2013.

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