GOVERNOR Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State, has summoned factional leaders of Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, to a meeting in Benin City, Edo State, to find solution to the protracted crisis rocking the NLC since March this year.

The meeting, taking place today, Vanguard gathered, became necessary following seeming inability of the Hassan Sunmonu-led seven-man reconciliatory committee, comprising three members each from the feuding groups, to find a headway to the leadership crisis.
The first and only meeting of the reconciliatory committee after its inauguration on August 19, was stalled by disagreement over sharing of positions, among others, to form an all inclusive leadership as agreed at the Adams Oshiomhole and other veterans brokered August 9, reconciliatory meeting in Abuja.
Vanguard gathered that Comrade Oshiomhole, arguably the most popular and effective NLC president of recent times, is said to be worried over the lingering crisis especially after the August 9, Abuja meeting.
The governor is hoping to ensure that NLC leaders put the current crisis behind them and forge ahead to confront the exigencies of the time.
At the meeting held in the first week of October in Lagos, when the issue of all inclusive government and harmonizing of positions came up, a source at the meeting had tod Vanguard that “the
Wabba-led faction said there are some offices that are vacant that could be filled from the Ajaero-led group. But the Ajaero faction rejected this and insisted that there must be a clear case of harmonization process. However, the Wabba group said members want to go and seek mandate from their principals. Similarly, the other group said members also reported back to their principals.”
The source also added that before the meeting was adjourned, it was also re-emphasised that both factions should continue to work together.
This led to the joint observation of the October 7, Decent Work Day, DWD, declared by the International Labour Organisation, ILO.
Recall that after the August 9 agreement, Comrade Oshiomhole, had said “a couple of things definitely went wrong; there is no question. We identified a lot of things and we agreed that the way forward is to put a solid movement. That all these issues have to be addressed one after the other and we have to have an all-inclusive congress in which all shades of opinions are involved in decision making. We agree to have three members from each of side the divide if you like to be chaired by our founding president Comrade Hassan and to ensure that he guides them through so that whatever they do they are guided by the core values of organised labour.”

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