Saeon is not a new name in the music industry starting from her first hit single Boogie Down featuring the StarBoy boss Wizkid, to her lates massive hit De Be featuring the Jagaban hitmaker & rapper Ycee. spoke to her recently read below:

Who Is Saeon?

BoyChick, Singer, Songwriter, Rapper.

Tell Us About You Education

BA International Studies & History Babcock University MA International Relations Warwick University.

Family Background?

I come from a family of 7 from Oyo state. I’m the middle child of 2
brothers and 3 sisters.

What Year Did You Start Music?

I started singing at the age of 4, underground in 2008. And
professionally in 2012.

How Has Music Been Paying You Since Then?

Music has definitely and is still getting me recognition, at least in the
Nigerian music industry. I have had the opportunity to perform in front of
dignitaries; I have been nominated in various award categories though I’m
yet to win an award.

What Was Your Parents Reaction When You Choose Music?

They have been supportive. They always knew I was going into music
industry even from a very early age but advised that I be done with school
before following my music career.

Like Others They Were’nt Born With A Silverspoon Where You?

I wasn’t born with a silver spoon.

Are You Still Open Too Work With Wizkid Again?

If the opportunity presents itself, sure. I’m a businesswoman.

What Are Three Things You Can’t Leave Your Home Without?

My phone, my music, and the outfit that I’m wearing.

Your Voice Sounds Very Good, Where You Once In The Choir?

Why thanks! I sang in the student run choir when I was in the University.

Is Saeon In A Relationship? Lets Know About Him?


Tell Us About The Project You Are Working On Presently?

I’ve been recording music all year and even though there’s no set date
for the release of the body of work, I am definitely planning that out.

It’s centers on rebirth, renaissance, reinvention and pretty much my life
and hustle music industry.

Who And Who Would You Love To Feature In The Industry?

Burna Boy.

How Do You Feel About The Competition In The Industry?

I’m all for healthy competition as I think that it helps individuals try
to be a better version of themselves.

Your Advise To Upcoming Acts?

Do not let fame or your quest for it precede you.

What Do You Expect In The Next 5 Years?

I expect to have been heard and recognized worldwide, to have graced
international stages, to have one local and international awards and to
have imparted positive change only Nigeria but in the world.

A Sentence To Your Fans?

Thank you for the unending support. You are all truly appreciated.
Believe in yourself.

You can do anything you set your mind to with hard
work perseverance faith and as long as you’re prayerful. Don’t listen to
naysayers. You have the blueprint to your success and even if anyone stole
that blueprint from you, they wouldn’t be able to execute it like you. So
never stop. Keep pushing, keep breaking barriers.

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