It is very good that you and your family have come up with such a brilliant idea as to get a pet. But don’t be too excited, as acquiring a pet is not an easy thing to do and it requires much of time for preparation, as well as some extra money to be spent on additional items that will be necessary for your pet. What are they? Let’s find out with the largest assortment of pet’s accessories on Jiji and our useful advices we have prepared for today.

Specialized food


The very first thing that everyone needs is food. Food is the main source of those nutritional elements that our bodies demand for and cannot live without. Food is the main source of energy we are provided during the day, this is the main source of vitamins that protect our organisms from the numerous viruses and other negative outside impacts. The same thing regards our smaller family members – pets. But it doesn’t mean that the food that is perfectly suitable for our bodies will be equally good for them. Some of animals are more vulnerable to some definite types of diseases, that’s why they need a higher protection, which can be consumed through food. It doesn’t matter if you decided on getting a cat, a dog, or a parrot – all of them need a special food produced for their special needs and body types. Consider also the age of your pets, as there is food especially for kittens and puppies, and for the older individuals. When looking for a specialized food, don’t forget to purchase a couple of bowls separate for food and for water, so your pet has a permanent access to it.

Cages & Boxes


Before going to the animals’ shelter for getting a pet, think of how you will transport it back home. For this, you will need a cage or a special box, where you can place your dog, cat, rabbit, or a parrot, and where they will be safe all way back home. Besides, if you lead an active way of life and would like your pet to participate in your travels, a specialized cage or a box for carrying your pet with you will be of great use.



“Your home is your fortress” – and it regards not us only, but our pets as well. Even though your cat is going to live with you in your apartment, it still needs some of its personal space, where it will be able to rest, relax, and even sleep. So a cat house is just the right item for your little friend. The same thing regards the dogs, especially if you plan on getting a big guard dog, who the most of its time will spend on the yard. Think about acquiring a good dog house and put some warm old clothes inside, so your dog will feel comfortable when sleeping.

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