Gen. Theophilus Danjuma, who is the Chairman of the Presidential Committee on North-East Intervention, while speaking at the opening ceremony of the North-East Humanitarian Multi-Stakeholders Engagement at Maiduguri on Tuesday, said about 233 billion Naira will be needed to put the Boko Haramravaged states back to good shape.
Gen. Theophilus Danjuma was represented by a member of the committee Mohammed Danjuma, who said the rebuilding process of these boko haramwrecked states have to be well monitored t ensure the alleviation of the sufferings of the internally displaced persons.
He also reiterated that the Federal Government and other stakeholders are willing and very determined to manage the crisis in the region.
VP Osinbajo said:
“This region has suffered tremendously in the past six years. It has suffered from the destruction of infrastructure, farmlands, businesses, trades, the destruction of schools and the loss of school years.
“Rebuilding, restoring and rehabilitation will cost money and time. But neither money nor time can fix the trauma of loss of family members, relations and friends, the shame of the raped, the scars and fears of parents of the abducted and the kidnapped, the bewilderment that comes with loss of homes, possessions and livelihoods and the pains of hundreds of thousands of orphaned children.”
“The tasks before us are many and profound, to fix brick and mortar and to mend hearts and minds damaged by senseless murderous violence. But we are called not just to mend the hearts and minds of the victims but also of their traducers, and killers.
“The young men and women who have been brainwashed to kill, maim and destroy in the warped belief that by so doing they please God, they are also victims. Indeed, these perpetrators are themselves victims, trapped in the vortex of evil manipulation, compelled to dehumanise themselves as they shed the blood of the innocent.
“It is our duty to deconstruct the narrative that causes men to kill children on their beds at a boarding school at night even as we degrade the military capacity of the insurgents. The tasks are indeed many and profound.
“But while there is still so much to do, much has been done already. The many civil society groups, funding partners, regional and international partners who have given of their time, resources and even their lives in some cases, deserve to be commended. But for you, first responders, we would have been far worse off than we are today.”
He however further added that: “We are in Maiduguri to show humanity and to give milk of human kindness to our brothers and sisters who for six years have been ravaged by Boko Haraminsurgency by killing, maiming and abduction of innocent people.”

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