A former Barcelona and
Argentina Manager Cesar Luis
Menotti says Lionel Messi
provides more quality to the
National team than Diego
Maradona did in his time.

Maradona won the World cup
with Argentina in 1986,
something Messi almost achieved
in last year’s World cup in Brazil.

Still, Menotti, who managed
Argentina to a World cup
triumph in 1978, is sure that the
four-time Ballon d’Or winner
Messi offers more quality to
Argentina than Diego Maradona.

“In the last 20 metres they are
similar,” He said.

“Diego’s development was a bit
different, with more leadership.

Messi’s development was more
correct because of the club he
was formed in.

“He scores goals that only Diego

“Messi gives much more quality,
there’s no doubt. And Argentina
sometimes help him [show that]
and sometimes not.”

Do you agree with the World Cup
winning coach?

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