Meet the Nigerian Explosive Device EOD expert who is ready to die for his country.
He took to his Facebook page to reiterate his commitment to help fight Boko Haram sect in Nigeria.
Read his post below.
For most of you who have not seen me on uniform, here I am. Many folks has been coming to my inbox to know what I do for a living and when I say am a EOD expert, they often disbelief me. So, have decided to upload me on uniform. But just have this at the back of your mind.
If am sent to the battle front today to attack any type of IEDs be it VBIEDs which is commonly used to destroy lives and property here in northern Nigeria or command device IEDs which was often used by the Niger Delta militants, or mine, time device or any type of fabricated IEDs you can think of.
Just have it in mind that if I die during the course of my duty today while protecting the sovereignty of Nigeria from the hands of any terrorist group, I did so to protect the tomorrow and safety of my children and your children. Am proud to be a “EOD” OFFICER. Peace!!!!

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