[Verse 1]
Ladies and gentlemen say hi to my baby girl
Mixed in emotion when i heard it to tracy fell
Then i was mad, me mad, you crazy girl?
I was nervous lil scared my baby well
28 Of March mehn beautiful day
Oyanipo wa Hospital i was waiting for bae
I was anxious, but the feeling was great
Midwife mi baya no say chill it’s gonna be okay
Kept it on a low
Min pu biano pressure
I need a peace of mind mihiane panu kasa
I said so many times on a few interviews
that i want a baby girl
So now let me introduce you to
Edalin newusu my princes i love you from heart
The Lord is my witness
Titi that’s a Nicki, beatiful smile
Now Sarkodie a Dad

[Hook 1]
It’s just the way i feel
Meehn it’s just the way i feel
It’s just the way i feel
Mehn that’s my Princes you all

[Verse 2]
Ladies and gentlemen say hi to my baby girl
You are welcome to this crazy world
But since you gat Daddy it’s all good
To my Sark nation fan with all due
Respect i want everybody to help me
Tell Edalin that i just want a selfie
Cos when she smile i smile
Let’s all cue
Gave me money gave my cars but i chose you
Use to think about
How it’s gonna be
Teyiaase konevie yecra i just you and me
Damishieneni mua love is all i see
Enkamidisie mi keeping ni oluwa key
But she is a blessing
She is a blessing
Enyiamapianne ma wa i say this is the best thing
Ejuana juame shuame i’m just proud to be your Dad
And like your mummy,you the best i’ve ever had

[Hook 2]
It’s just the way i feel
Meehn i’m so happy
It’s just the way i feel
Obede pon bede

Sarkodie – The Way I Feel Lyrics

By Lekky

A Cool Headed Element!, Snapchat: Lekky_ngwide

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