Lyrics: Rich The Kid – Like This Lyrics ft. Jaden Smith

I’ma jump in it like this
I don’t party with the kids
I get lit and I sit at the crib
You my baby, no bib
I’ma jump in it like this
All I want is the neck
Dive up in it, she wet
Woke up, dreaming ‘bout a TEC
She be my girl from the city
She got a body like Nicki
She put a scratch on the whip
Baby I’ll fix it, no biggie
Gotta hit it two times
Gotta cuff her, it’s a crime
Bust it open, now it’s mine
Put my life up on the line
Swimming, I’m swimming, I’m swimming
I’m swimming, I’m swimming, I’m swimming
I roller coaster through the women
They lay their back up on the linen
Yo me and Richy ’bout to get it
They ain’t even see it coming
I was broke, turned nothing to something
Maserati in my pocket, just stunting
Let me hit it, change my name to McLovin

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[Verse 1 – Rich The Kid]
Trapping out a mansion
Made a million dollars, now my diamonds dancing
I was thinking ’bout a check
fvck your b!tch, I got her wet
Rich forever, got a deal
Motherfvck how you feel
fvcking a ho out in Calabasas
Spitting the fire like a fvcking dragon
Why they want to see me broke
Took your b!tch and now she broke
I was trapping, selling dope
Double G on the coke
Doors go up on the Tesla
Young n!gga, I flex like a wrestler
Kill the pvssy, put it on a stretcher
I get geeked like professors
Spending that check and I’m winning
I get head in the Bentley
Riding ’round with a semi
I got cheese like the dentist
I’ma jump in it like this
I’ma go- I’ma go dive in a b!tch
I’m finally rich
Want a model, take a pick

[Repeat Hook/Chorus]

[Verse 2 – Rich The Kid]
Let me hit it, let me hit it
I can’t cuff her, let me flip it
I’ma pass the ho to Jaden
I’ma fvck her if she taken
Walking around like a boss
I made me a mill, I’m a boss
This Chanel, know the cost
I’ma flex like fvck the cost
Hit from the back then she suck it
She call me daddy, I’m bussing
Nothing but money I’m cuffing
Cook a pot on the oven
Me and Jaden on the hills
Skateboarding, sh!t for real
I’ma tell you what it is
They was hating on me still
I just might pull out her hair
Freak b!tch, no underwear
Sit on my dick like a chair
I can make it anywhere
I was racking, they was sleeping
Made a hundred for the weekend
I been preaching like a deacon
You better listen when I’m speaking

[Repeat Hook/Chorus]

Rich The Kid – Like This Lyrics ft. Jaden Smith

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