Lyrics: iLLbliss – ILLY Chapo

Lyrics: iLLbliss – ILLY Chapo

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iLLbliss – ILLY Chapo Lyrics: 

Shout out to black twang
Shout out to silverstone beats
Is illy gati
Illy chapo
wow, correcti, capital
I see you suspect

[Verse 1]
Still on the done flow
Pipe blow, delivery psycho
Capo, illy chapo don demako
Slugs never touch me divine intervention all around me
So who the f can go against me
Top scholar chasing down to the very last dollar white collar, baller
Your moneys mean gentle man’s taller
Way taller, flow gutter, spread butter
Beats panel like the parcel and the butter

Illy gati’s such a nodder
Compose leadership running through my veins
See the loses and the gains
The ups and the teachers
Surgical stitches wont save you
Lyrically badder I feel for you
Blood on my apron in slaughter house
Wash my hands clean dry dem up, sure I dress up
Whole squad stay suited up omo na setup
Whole squad pass the money up
Whole squad turn the f**kin up
Whole squad f**k the club up

Know the dos and donts
Type my name with the right fonts dont be stupid
I found a way to stay loosy
I found my way up, back on the pitch
First eleven with the aura of a balotelli charm of a messi
Swag in my jersey, pray for my enemies
Yellow tapes all around, bodies on the pavement


All the hatred took me back to the basement
Am back motherf**ker but am back motherf**ker
Ah I said am back motherf**
Back back wow, back back motherf**, check

[Verse 2]
In the blink of an eye now
Illy na your guy
Dont touch me or hug me
Na the same you go stab me
Authority, use your bible (larity)
People critical and fourfaced
Competition outdone,
Rather rest, never rest
Naso enemy go blessed
Bars very tycoon,surely ama see you soon
Work for my people, work woke up again morning

Everyday I hustle, hope hope save me more
Gadi found dead, gadi gadi janded
Oga boss took flight, illy gati landed
Fresh in a 3 piece
Murder them illbliss
Give them, baba no mercy till its doorstep
Done with the school of fishes, heading for the sharks
Padding like a boss, in my nice white slacks

Or with the linen, flirt with the women
Flirt with the arch women forget about the cmen
No baby mama, bootie traps no ft catch me
Dem never born the motherf**ker, morslayer whe go chop me
You get me
Am not on your level please
Do not let the devil push you into an early grave
See I roll with the grammiers
Flows with the fanciest
Looks never move me
I just wanna do me
Puffing on my cuban and cigar, so full of me
Everybody spitting nowadays
Took a pain for me

The aura, the guts, the far a gone thoughts
The plots for maza maza right up to lekki ah
Illy tanbo, breky in a younger soul
Swaving in a cool blasting J.Cole and De la Soul
I will not lose
Too many screws loose in my head
Black jets and I hustle to the latter, go get her

All the hatred took me back to the basement
Am back motherf** but am back motherf**
Ah I said am back motherf**
Back back wow, back back motherf**, check

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