Gucci Mane Ft. 2Pac - On Me mp3 download
Gucci Mane Ft. 2Pac - On Me mp3 download
Gucci Mane – On Me Lyrics ft. 2pac

A thug’s life don’t matter. We don’t give a sh!t about you damn thugs, your life don’t matter. And you sons of b!tches, you fixing to find out how it don’t matter cause you done pissed us off, you bunch of bastards

[Pre Hook/Chorus – Gucci Mane]
Big, big, big pills on me “still on Guc’”
You lose your life, fvcking right, try me and Bleek “Burr”
I put my first gat first, then sting, I don’t think
I get your head to the white, make your sh!t pink
All OG pink, don’t fvck with me

[Verse 1 – Gucci Mane]
I need a detox cause I’ve been smoking kush all week
And if I piss some dirty urine then I’m up sh!t creek
I’m major touring shows everyday, I gets no sleep
My money lanky, taller than a man 6 foot 3
My left pinky nine carrot diamond cut so neat
And if I told you what it cost, you would say “golly”
I spend 50k a month and that’s just on chains
I got your girlfriend rolling blunts in the VIP
I got a carbon 15 sitting on my front seat
And plus my shoes’ll eat your face like bon appetit
The feds looking at me, know they got they eyes on me
I feel like 2Pac when he made All Eyez On Me

[Chorus – Gucci Mane]
I keep the Glock on me
Stupid Glock on me
I can’t let ’em get the drop on me
I keep a nine on me, stupid nine on me
Lord knows I got guap on me
Stupid rocks on me, crazy rocks on me
I paid a million for this watch on me golly
And my bricks so young, my birds gon’ need ID
I feel like 2Pac when he made All Eyez On Me

[Verse 2 – 2Pac]
b!tch you misdemeanor I’m raisin hell like felonies
Mr. Makaveli straight outta jail to selling these
Intoxicated we duplicated but never faded
Now that we made it my adversaries is player hating
Got a Mercedes for these tricks, that thought I quit
Then got a drop top Jag for these b!tches that’s on my dick
Go to a club in a pack, I’m smoking bud in the back
I wait for n!ggas to trip, cause b!tch I love to scrap
Now mama raised me as a thug n!gga, with love n!ggas
I’m a millionaire started as a drug dealer
I went from rocks to ‘zines, writing raps and movies
I went from trusting these tricks now they all want to sue me
So fvck em’ all

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse 3 – Gucci Mane]
It get so lonely at the top, I need some company
My swears so stupid that these hoes be holding domes for me
She wanna stay with me, know that I’ma faithfully
I’m like a drug to her, she can’t walk away from me
N!ggas don’t play with me cause I keep AK’s with me
Police invaded [?] I know they fvcking taping me
But all they gonna see is diamond cars and currency
I’m currently out the country chasing currency
I got some weed on me now and some ecstasy
30 grams and a nine and a knife on me
Watch your mouth bout me, dirty South ID
Do your momma teach you don’t talk when grown folks speak? “It’s Gucci”

 – On Me Lyrics ft. 2pac

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