His browny entertainment, we got David oladele

I never knew you lift me up this way, from the Dryland to green pasture, from the dungeon you take me to higher ground. Now I mingle with Prince and princess, you change my world and give me a new song, here I am to say Ese baba




Ese baba awa dupe o, Ese arugbo ojo. Ese baba awa wa dupe, ese arugbo ojo


[Ver-se 2]

Why you love me Lord Jesus I can never tell, all I know you been there for me, when I pass through fire, you are there with me, through the storm, you always there. You been the one that guide my path, now I see thing falling on pleasant place for me. For everything you done in my life, here I am to say Ese baba ooo




ESE baba awa dupe o, ese arugbo ojo. ESE baba awa wa dupe, ese arugbo ojo. “Imela chineke, oyekeruwa, narekene, sosogibushimo” 2*


I never know why you love me, why you love me this much. I never know why you care for me, why you care for me this much. Everywhere I go, his ur mercy I see, his your goodness I see. Am here to give you all the praise for ur goodness over my life, am to thank you Lord for your kindness over my life



Chorus Back to chorus two that comprise of Yoruba and igbo

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