Top Nigerian Comedian, Seyi Law earlier this month marked his 10th year on stage in an unusual comedy and music concert tagged ‘Fast and Funny’ at the Eko Hotel & Suites, Lagos.

Seyi Law kept the crows lively with presence of various ribs cracking individuals including Alibaba, AY, Gordons, Omobaba, Emeka Smith, Mc Shakara, Funny Bone, Acapella, Elenu, Senator and many others who thrilled the audience with their amazing jokes.

It was seen as Gordons came on stage and while throwing his normal yarns and jabs it seems Kcee was so unfortunate to be Gordons scape goat as he loaded alot of jokes using Kcee.

The whole jokes was raining down on Kcee and made alot of fans laugh at him especially when Gordons thew up the banger and said

“Na money dey Make person the elder broda for Family”which brought alot of questions.

Emoney is known to be Kcee’s elder brother but the truth was revealed that Kcee is actually older than Emoney but E money’s enormous wealth had displaced Kcee making him the general overseer of the family…

In the course of this Kcee was seen leaving the stage and was not in a smiling mode at all.
Could this have left Kcee in an emotional state or should we be expecting a serious beef between the two parties? (But c’mon na joke na)

Who even knows if what Gordons said was true?

What do you think?

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