Fuji legend, Kollington Ayinla, 62, in a time out chat echoed the thought of many regards the love musicians find in the arms of women. According to the veteran, musician simply can’t do without women.

“Musicians can’t do without women. This is not peculiar to Fuji musicians but the entertainment industry at large. A large percentage of our fans are women and this can be tempting because we have blood running in our veins,’ he said.
On regrets

“I have no regret being a musician but I regret that I didn’t have university education.” He ensured that all his children are educated. “My children are all educated and some have even ventured into music; but into hip-hop.” He appeared to have given up any hope of getting a university degree when he added: “I may be privileged in another lifetime.”

Alhaji Kollington feels very fulfilled at 62. “I made money from all my records”, he said with pride. “Ijo yoyo seems remarkable but I was sick at that time. I also got an award as the Best Fuji Artiste of the Year.”

He however blames piracy as the reason he has not released an album in years
“Piracy is killing my morale. I spend quality time composing, spend huge amount to produce and after stressing myself, I lose most of the profits to piracy. So, I have decided to stop for sometime and only continue when we have reduced piracy to the minimum level in this country.

Collectively, we have taken measures. We have been to Alaba International Market at different times, and on some occasions, some of my colleagues were even attacked. We have reported to the police and all seem fruitless.’’

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