The Chicago rapper Kanye West recently took part in an interview with SHOW Studio, which touched on matters concerning race, his career in fashion, his desire to label himself a genius, and more.
When questioned about new music, Kanye shared his belief that the majority of what is considered popular in music today is based off of something he’s done in the last 10 years. He added that if something new sounds similar to what he’s done in the past, then it is “an extension of a new album” in his opinion.
During his interview, Kanye also revealed why he feels the need to call himself a genius. According to the musician, he’d prefer to choose his own title rather than be labeled a “celebrity,” “nigger,” or “rapper.”
“ Because otherwise, I’m called ‘celebrity.’ I’m called ‘nigger.’ I’m called ‘rapper, and when they use the word ‘celebrity,’ ‘nigger,’ or ‘rapper,’ it’s not in a positive way and all those words can be used in an extremely positive way. ‘What’s up, my nigga?’ But that’s not the way it’s used. So, I have to define who I am. All of my aspirations are things that currently only 60-year-old white people do. So, I have to redefine and let people know exactly who I am. ” Kanye said.

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