Even as many would agree that fashion in Nigeria and abroad has grown in leaps and bounds in recent years, leading to the emergence and subsequent popularity of brand influencers, fashionista and entrepreneur, Nosakhare believes that the recent growth only serves to underline the abundance of potentials in the fashion industry.




He is constantly setting trends in the fashion industry and appears to be a tending figure in the fashion circle, adding that she’s inspired by what she sees around him.

Read through his interview with NGwide Media below:

Q1. How do you get ideas for your fashion concepts ?

•I get a lot of inspirations from top male and female influencers from different countries because people from different cultures tend to dress differently and I do not want to dress like anyone around me.

Q2. What is unique about your fashion style ?

. My style is unique because it shows my personality. I’ll describe it as being extra but it’s well suited for me because I always want to be noticed when I step in the room or walk down the street.

Q3. Will you collaborate with fashion brands in Nigeria who want opportunity to working with you ?

•Yes I will love to travel to Nigeria soon so I can get the opportunity to work with brands down there.

Q4. Do you have names of fashion brands you’d like to work with 2021 ?

•I aspire to work with any top brand because it places me a step further to my goal so I’m open to working with any brand that aligns with my sense of fashion.

Q5. Are you currently working on any project, regarding fashion this year?

•At this time I’m not,but the year has only just begun.

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