Nollywood Actress, Ini Edo

Top Nollywood actress, Ini Edo
recently took to her instagram
to pen a lenghty message on
body size and weight loss to
her fans as she shared the
photo above.

Read what she wrote below;
This is to all of my loyal fans
who have had weight
concerns… There’s been lots of
questions thrown at me via
social media n beyond about
my weight loss . As much as i
do not live my life based on any
ones dictate, am also a realist.
Now, I’ve always said this and
proud of it, I was born chubby.
I’ve been that way for years.
Had all d major endorsement
deals , acted in over 300 movies
in that my chubby state and
most of you accepted me like
that cos all I had or came to
offer was the talent God gave
me. Ur size or shape doesn’t
determine who you are, how
successful u can be or how
acceptable u will be. The world
will always be unsatisfied with
what ever situation u present
to them. Ini… Ur too fat ohhh
she’s too slim kilodeeeeee ????
My point is.. Be urself once ur
happy with urself, everything
else is inconsequential. We all
have our individual problems.
Some people find succor in
social media by playing ghost
and spitting flames in de dark
to mask their bitterness. Don’t
look at them. Take care of
urself. What I did? I hit de gym,
reduced my carb to de barest
minimum, lots of green tea n
lemon and detox. It’s extreme
discipline. I had Thai noodles
today and seafood wooooh I
enjoyed it. Hmmm yea too much
carbs but it is what is. However,
if u loose weight to impress
anyone, u will be depressed cos
after all of that hard work,
those complaints will take the
direct opposite dimension.
Lesson is … Love urself cos
world people WILL ALWAYS
have something to say. It’s
standard. @bimpeonakoya
@kelechiamadiobi @s_b_youme
incredible crew of life

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