The Governor of Ekiti stateand a member of the Peoples’ Democratic Party ( PDP), has said he will continue criticize the current President, Muhammadu Buhari.
Lere Olayinka, Governor Fayose’s Public Communications and New Media special assistant while speaking on Fayose’s behalf said, “Governor Fayosewill continue to say the truth in the interest Nigeria and its people because the Governor is not one of those that will go underground because of political persecution.” This comes on the back of the recent statement released by enior Special Assistant to President Buharion Media and Publicity, Malam Garba Shehu which sent a strict note of warning to Governor Fayoseto refrain from speaking on how he economy by the Federal Government.
Lere Olayinka further added that Nigeria’s economy is in serious recession, he said: “The president himself attested to this when he said that the country was broke and this has also been corroborated by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Group financial report, indicating that the corporation incurred a . loss of N120.07bn in the months of August and September.”
He also said: “JP Morgan is also removing Nigeria from its Emerging Market Bond Index, a move analysts say would have far reaching implications for the country’s dwindling economy as investors could move their funds to competing countries, resulting in higher lending rates.
“It is therefore a sad reminder of the military era that in a democracy, under a federation in which all federating units enjoy some degree of autonomy, the Presidency is warning a State Governor on what to say and what not to say.”
Governor Fayose’s rep added that: “Top functionaries of the All Progressives Congress, including State Governors, criticised the Peoples Democratic Party government of Dr Goodluck Jonathan, the Presidency did not go about warning them.
“Certainly, these people working with the President need to be purged of Acquired Immune Military Dictatorship Syndrome, even as they must be told that Governor Fayosewon’t stop speaking his mind and exposing their hypocrisy in the overall interest of Nigeria and its people.
“Nigerians are desirous of the change promised by the APC-led federal government, but as it stands, no clear direction yet.
“Rather than engage credible Nigerians to help in the revival of the ailing economy, what we have seen from the APC Presidency is appointment of their cronies and political robbers as well as harassment of perceived political opponents with anti corruption agencies and men of the Department of State Security.”
Lere Olayinka also said that it is not beneficial for President Buharito take on the Governor of Ekiti, Ayo Fayoseby saying: “Leaving issues and attacking Fayoseis like hitting ones head on the rock.”

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