Controversial Triple MG Boss, Ubi
Franklin had an outburst this
morning on his Instagram due to
unknown reasons. The husband-
to-be seems to have been pissed
off by some unidentified people
in the entertainment industry.

In his words…

“ This Year will Go straight into
my Books. God Has been So kind
to me. A lot Happened this year
and God Made sure I came out
even stronger and moved to the
next stronger and better.

One things I have come to realise
in all of this is no matter how
much you put your life on the
line for anyone in this world the
will still stand to say or Plan evil.

If you know me you know me, I
hustle Hard for the food is put on
the table, I believe in people and
ask God to bring to reality
everything that is in my Head,
The Nigeria Entertainment
Industry is filled with a lot of
jokers and jobless individuals
who believe and sell fake dreams
to gullible artistes that buy these
dreams, I fear no man that is
born of another woman, I
respect everyone I come and
across and will keep doing that.

No one is more powerful that
Death and that’s where all who
you think you are on Earth Ends.

No one will ever give you 1% of
his wealth so don’t depend that
he/she will be in this world to
keep been the one to look up to,
I have decided to take that road
less traveled and also be

I am coming for everything you
are and more in this life. This
distance between lifestyle and
Poverty is very close.

Alot of strong men are gone for
ever, don’t Think anyone is
gonna be here for ever to always
advice you on how to live your

Ubi Franklin and his beau, Lilian
Esoro has their introduction
ceremony few weeks ago and
announced their wedding date
to be 1st of November, 2015.

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