Jesse Jagz

Jesse Jagz

Chocolate city act, Jesse Jagz in a recent interview with WG, was asked about competitors in the industry at the Chocolate City. He said there’s is actually no one to compete with and also pointed out that even in the American music industry, there’s None of them who has anything to offer him.
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I don’t think there is anyone to compete with, because I don’t see myself as a very good rapper. I would probably like to stay at a place with a lot of rappers and listen to them rap so as to learn from their craft.”
“I have gone through the profile of American artistes and I do not think any of them have something to offer to me.

“I feel happy returning to Chocolate City. MI has always been our president right from time and we have always worked like one big family. I am a shareholder in Chocolate City even while I was not around. So to me, the label is like a family thing. I am always going to be Jesse Jagz of Chocolate City regardless of where I will be tomorrow,”

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