Bimbo Thomas

Bimbo Thomas

Nollywood actress, Bimbo Thomas has been in the movie industry for quite a while, but she shot into the limelight when she appeared in Funke Akindele’s popular movie, ‘Omo Ghetto.’ In this chat withPotpourri, she speaks on the early days of her career, her wine store, among other issues. Excerpts…
Can you trace your genesis in the movie industry?
I can remember it was during my undergraduate days at the University of Lagos studying Creative Arts. When I was in 100 Level, I met Tayo Odueke (Sikirat Sindodo), and she was already in the industry at that time. She noticed that I was doing well when it comes to projects and practicals in school. She then suggested that I should come into the movie industry since I have all it takes in terms of charisma and every other thing. It took me a while to decide though. Later on, I met with Lanre Abbey and he introduced me to the Odunfa Caucus under the tutelage of Yinka Quadri.
Which of the movies you’ve acted in will you say gave your big break?

I’ll say ‘Omo Ghetto.’

Which is the most challenging role you’ve played in a movie?
Playing Nikky in Omo Ghetto was challenging. I had never broken a bottle before in my life, and I had also never been involved in a street fight, but I had to do all that in the movie. I put in my all and the character stuck. It took me some time to get that character out of my head.
Are you comfortable with your size, or would you like to change anything about it?
I’m okay. Right now, I’m even on a diet program trying to shed some weight. I know that I don’t want to go beyond this size because there are some sizes that are not good enough for a babe. And for a woman that has not started making babies, I should watch it if I don’t want to go way overboard.
It was reported that your wine store cost N42m, is it true, and what informed your setting up of the store?
This store,Bimbally, isn’t what I thought will come into place now. But the love for collecting wines, beauty and nature have always been in me. One day, I just thought of it that I haven’t really been working for a while now because I’m selective of the scripts I accept because I noticed that I was being stereotyped. I knew I needed a brand extension, and I thought of establishing a clothing line which I’m still going to do anyway, and a wine store. And the rest as they say, is history. The plan is to expand and have branches all over as time goes on

Bimbo Thomas

It was alleged that your sugar daddy gave you the money to set up the store, what do you have to say about that?
It’s very funny when I hear things like that; I wonder where they think it up from. Looking at this shop, does it look to you like it’s worth N42m?
No, but my eyes could be deceiving me, is it?
I put this down with my own hard-earned money; no man gave me money. Even my family members were shocked when I opened the store because I didn’t inform anybody. My man was also surprised. Anyway, I think it’s a hype for me and I love it, except for the aspect of the man that they added to it.
What’s the craziest thing you can do on a movie set?
Now you’ve got me thinking. I’ve kissed severally. I really don’t know, but I can’t go nude.
Which is the most memorable kiss you’ve ever had on set?
It was with Femi Branch. I’ve forgotten the title of the film now but we played lovers and we had to make it real, and we really kissed. He had his back turned at me, and he said something. Instead of me to respond, I just grabbed him and started kissing him; even the director was stunned. He is my friend though and I know his wife.
Which actor would you like to kiss?
Internationally, it’s Idris Elba, but lately I’ve had a crush on Terrence Howard. Locally, it’s John Dumelo (Blushes).
What’s your favourite part of your body?
My lips.
Have you ever been friends with benefit with anybody?
No, I don’t subscribe to it. I’ve always had a smooth arrangement with everybody I’ve come in contact with. However, like the Kumi guy I told you about, we started out as friends, and you know we ladies always know when guys like us. But I, as a person, don’t like to drag it out of you. I’ll act as if I can’t read between the lines. Anyway, we gradually began a relationship, but I won’t even peck an ordinary friend; it’s that bad.
There’s a lot of lesbianism talks in the industry nowadays, have you ever had a lesbian hit on you?
Not from anyone in the industry, but outside. There was a time I was at a party and they played one of my favourite songs and I started dancing excitedly. I noticed a lady was looking at me in a funny kind of way. When I sat down, we got talking. And she began putting her hands on me, telling me that she had been admiring me for a long time. There and then, I shut her down and she apologised. The irony is that she’s even a prettier lady than I am.
It is believed that many actresses these days are glorified prostitutes, what’s your take on that?
When people say things like that, I feel it’s their opinion, which they have a right to. I have a lot of guys as friends and I know that they like actresses, maybe because they can boast with it that they’re dating famous people. There are many girls out there who can do whatever they like without public scrutiny, but it’s not so for actresses. But why would someone who is famous be prostituting when the attention of the whole world is on her? It doesn’t make sense. Being famous deprives one of doing certain things.
If anyone calls me with a strange number and starts saying funny things like I like you, or I have so and so uncle I want you to meet, I just block the person’s line straight away. I’m not cut out for things like that. It takes a lot of effort for any member of the opposite sex to be my friend. For whoever is hiding under this umbrella to tarnish other people’s image, I think they should be checked.

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