The world waits for this weekend when the real celebration of Nigerian legend 2faceIdibia will fly at Eko Hotelin an epic event tagged ‘2Face Idibia Fortyfied All-Star concert’.
As the Afropop icon gets on the good side of 40 several questions have been asked of him. Considered hugely successful, some people believe he may very well be looking at calling it quits with musicand probably go into retirement to squarely face his many investments. But the star wouldn’t have any of it as he says in a new interview that he is not big enough yet to retire. 2facesaid:
“I won’t say I am successful enough to retire yet. There is still a lot to achieve. We are still getting there we haven’t arrived yet. My plan is to refocus myself. If there is any area I have been slacking, the plan is to step up in that area.
Many things are going to change about me, like the amount of shows that I do and all that. I won’t be able to be doing too much of jumping around, but energy still full body.

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