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Pop king Michael Jacksonhas now made more than $1billion since his sudden death in 2009. The King of Pop died leaving behind a debt of more than $500million but he has made enough money to pay off his debt in his grave.
Michael Jacksonleads the park, again, as the highest earning dead celebrity in 2015. According to Forbes, Michael Jacksonmade $115 million over the past year. The majority of the fortune came from the Vegas Cirque du Soleil show Michael JacksonOne, the Mijac Music catalog, recorded music sales and half of the Sony /ATV publishing empire.
On the heels of Micahel Jackson is Elvis Presleywho made $55million over the past year. The Rock n Roll king made way more than some living stars with majority of his monies coming from Graceland ticket sales.

Third on the list is Charles Schulzwho made $40m while Bob Marley($21 million) and Elizabeth Taylor($20 million) round out the top five.
Full list of the highest earning dead celebrities below

1. Michael Jackson
2. Elvis Presley
3. Charles Schulz(Peanuts cartoonist)
4. Bob Marley
5. Elizabeth Taylor
6. Marilyn Monroe
7. John Lennon
8. Albert Einstein
9. Paul Walker
10. Bettie Page

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