Sept 21, 2015 –Oche Clifford, Miss Sahhara: Nigerian Man Who Turned Woman Says He Has Removed His Penis, Replaced It With Vag!na
Controversial Nigerian transgender Oche Clifford said he has completed his gender reassignment surgery.
The dude told his/her Facebook fans few hours ago that he removed his manhood several years ago.
In his words:
“… I had my gender reassignment surgery years ago, not that it is your business to know what I have between my legs……no one was born a man or a woman. You are born male, female or interS3x. You are assigned assumed preferred gender at birth by the hospital. Then you grow up as a boy or a girl based on the gender you are assigned, you become a teenager, and an adult subsequently ‘Man or woman’. I lived part of my teenage life and all my adult life as a female. Saying she/he was born a ‘Man or woman’ is****** i have always been a female. my brain, voice, mannerisms & appearance are all female. i didnt have any sudden epiphany to self discovery after living in one gender all my life as some of these bloggers may think…Perhaps, is the reason why I am effortlessly womanly ………f**ls**
This is in response to comments made by Nigerian bloggers on his bikini shoot.
A note to Oche Clifford:
*.That you have changed your beliefs doesn’t make you right.
*.Everyone in this world is either born a man or a woman, so stop forcing your view points on others
*.You are either born a male or female, stop confusing others
*.Hermaphroditism, a condition where a baby is born with both S3xes is understandable but your roommates said you are not one.
*.That others don’t agree with you doesn’t make them fools, everyone has the rights to their own beliefs
*.Keep your beliefs to yourself and stop working hard on making others accept you.
For the records, Oche Clifford was born a male in Benue State Nigeria.
He dropped out of Benue State University when his secret H0moS3xual activities was exposed and relocated to the UK where he underwent S3x change surgery to turn himself into a woman.
Most of his classmates are yet to come to terms with his new lifestyle.
Even his room mates were shocked because he used to be a well endowed man.

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