An average Nigerian with a low budget face this type of dilemma often, most especially the people that want to buy their first car but they don’t have that millions of Naira to splash out on a car.
In as much as I hate to disagree, cars are liability and you get to start spending on it immediately you make payment. Of course you get to spend by fueling the car but it also have its importance.
Back to the Topic, Which Type Of Car Should I Buy?
Answer: Buy something you can maintain even if it means waiting to complete the figures.
1. Maintenance of a car:is the basic thing every car owner must consider before making payment.
Do a thorough research, ask questions from anonymous mechanics that is not affiliated with the dealer or seller about the type of Car you want to purchase if it’s worth it and be very sure you’re not going to pay for a car you won’t be able to afford its parts.
2. Are the parts available in the market?This has to come next to maintenance of a car, don’t just wake up one day and go for that beauty you found available because you want to drive around like a boss!
Mechanical parts are not to be trusted, the car you park can develop a fault when you restart the ignition. Yes it’s that weird.
You must have seen cases of some expensive cars parked and you’d wonder why the owner abandon his/her car on a strange spot.
Unavailable or expensive parts could be the cause. Most times, it’s the cause.
That Mechanic around your area can testify to the above.
3. Fuel consumption:are you that guy or lady that have a specific budget to spend for a certain period of time, please avoid buying a car that consume fuel because you’ll realise you’re spending above what you’ve budgeted.
4. Your road:Although this one might not seem like an excuse but this is what realacars is all about, we’re not going to assume all our audience have good roads.
As the case might be, it’s not possible. If you fall into this category you really should think about this clue.
Don’t force your car to follow that bad roads, cars run with engines and parts. Don’t be surprise if your car suffer alignment and shock absorber problem often if you persists.
You can as well get the car but minimize the number of times you force it on that bad road.
There are lots more we will share with our readers subsequently on and we’ll try as much as possible to publish affordable cars that are in good condition on this webpage.

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