Actor and Former president of the Actors Guild of Nigeria(AGN), Segun Arinzeblasted Emeka Ike on live TV. In an interview with Ebuka Obi-Uchenduon Rubbin’ Minds Yesterday, he revealed that Emeka Ike is NOT the president of the AGN. He added that Emeka Ike who has been parading himself as the president, did not go through the official processes.
In his words
“Let’s get the facts straight. President Muhammadu Buhari came on the platform of APC, went through nominations, he ran against former president of the country and became president of Nigeria. How would we have felt if he came out and started saying he is the president of Nigeria, he takes the Quran and swear that he is the president of Nigeria. There will be chaos and the country is divided. That was what Emeka Ike did.
I was president of the guild, duly elected in Port Harcourt and succeeded Ejike Asiegbu. All the State Chapters came to Port Harcourt, where we had this election and I became the president. He had an intention, because there was a division then between Ejike and Board of trustees so aligned with the. When I came I brought everybody together and he was told to become the Vice President. I told him after my tenure, he can go through the proper procedure and go in for the office.
“We made him Vice President South East, he said no he wanted to be president. He went to Adeniran Ogunsanya took Bible, Holy book of God and started swearing, without buying a form, going through screening or anything. Emeka should wake up and stop all these nonsense. He should grow up Ibinabo Fiberesimais the bonafide president.
“Even in the judgment that came out recently telling us to return to status quo, what does it mean? We were told to go back to the way we were. There was no time Emeka Ike was pronounced the president of AGN. Let him bring out the copy of the judgment and show us if he is man enough. He should wake up and stop embarrassing the guild.”

Obi: Ibinabo, Emeka Ike and you were seen working together, all of sudden you allowed politics come in between, what is the problem?
Segun Arinze: The problem is that people are feeling we are politicians. For God’s sake if you want to be a politician, you go and play partisan politics. AGN is apolitical; we are not a political platform. It is an association of professionals who came together to help the industry and look after the well-being of the industry, contributing our quota on how to help the industry. If you want to do politics, join APC, PDPor you register a new political party. I also feel that the media has a part to play on this, because he is looking for attention and they are giving it to him.”
Obi: Where is Emeka Ike now?
Segun Arinze: I don’t know.
Obi: Thought he used to be your friend?
Segun Arinze: He was never my enemy, but I tell him the truth. I run into him and tell him to stop embarrassing him,

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