Back in April, the English virtual band came an album “Humanz” which is still available in stores, after then much have not been heard from the band, but this evening they came up with a new jam.

Gorillaz returns with a new song from virtual member 2D, the lanky, blue haired digital icon. The track continues where Humanz left off, blending subtle instrumentation with brash synths, colliding hip-hop, indie, and psychedelic rock in one crazy amalgamation. Things pop off with a Beatles-esque harpsichord intro (such a dope instrument) before diving into full on drug-trip mode, where Damon Albarn’s arrangement shines.

The track comes with an accompanying video, which finds 2D basically living out the classic “Brain On Drugs” commercial while busting out moves worthy of your favorite uncle. Check it out below, and lose yourself in the trippy-ass green-screen adventure.


Download: Gorillaz – Sleeping Powder


By Lekky

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