Currensy – Smokey Robinson 2: Smokey’s Revenge [Mixtape] download

It’s hard to keep track of all of Curren$y’s mixtapes, both released and to-be-released, as the announcement seem to flood almost daily, and the mixtapes themselves as well. So for reference sake, the last project-related announcement the NOLA rapper made was that his fan-favorite series Pilot Talk would return to streaming services. Hallelujah.


Now Spitta fans have even more to be thankful for, as the rapper revealed that he’d be bringing back Smokee Robinson, undoubtedly one of the best mixtapes he ever released, for Smokey Robinson 2: Smokey’s Revenge (with correct spelling this time it seems, but given the legalities of it, we imagine he’ll return to the original (wrong) spelling with the proper mixtape release). Don Cannon will return as well, as the mixtape host.

He revealed the new mixtape in a series of Instagram posts. In one post he writes, “I closed my eyes and realized that me and @doncannon had just created “smokey robinson 2″ we gonna call it #smokeysrevenge… Andretti and the,the,the,the cannon !!!” In another he reveals: “All original production.”



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