AREA21 – We Did It

AREA21 – We Did It


Download AREA21 – We Did It [Full] Mp3

Sometime ago, our nice singer, Martin Garrix introduced his alter alias AREA21 to the world. The rap infused dance track “Spaceships” quickly went viral and turned us into fans of his new side project.


Recently, Martin Garrix teamed up with E3 and Geoff Keighley to do a world debut of his new single “We Did It.” And right now, the same singer, Martin Garrix has confirmed that his new single for AREA21 will be officially released this Friday via his new label STMPD RCRDS.

We anxiously had been waiting until we bumped into a download link which could still be used to get the song. Check it out below while we wait for more 24 hours.


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