Over the last 10 years, Career Insights, a subsidiary of Digital Bananas Technology limited ( www.digitalbananas.co.uk) in the UK has been adding extreme value to the lives of Nigerians in Diaspora. With over 330 success stories being rolled out each year, Nigerians in the UK, Canada and even in Nigeria have been securing life changing digital project management and business analysis roles paying up to £132,000 a year, that’s an equivalent of N48m a year in Nigeria.

A cross section of the winners from the Digital Bananas Awards 2014.
This year, on the 14th of November 2015, Digital Bananas will be hosting the their 2nd DBT Awards ceremony (Digital Bananas Technology Awards Ceremony). Watch the 2014 award ceremony coverage below:
Career Insights ( www.careerinsights.tv) is the brain child of Keji Giwa, founder and CEO of Digital Bananas Technology and each year all successful candidates are celebrated at the DBT Awards ceremony ( www.dbtawards.co.uk).
The award is was introduced in 2014 to reward excellence, innovation and hard work.
Since the launch of the first award ceremony, Digital Bananas Technology has gained recognition among employers and recruiters as the go-to place for hiring the best digital project management and business analysis professionals.
This year 2015, they have received a record number of high-quality entries seeing an increase in success stories by 65% percent above 2014 entries! Digital Bananas Technology also became an accredited digital training company by the Digital Marketing Institute in UK and Nigeria this year with the license to train and award candidates at diploma & a masters level in digital marketing coupled with practical work experience in delivering digital solutions.
Through the prowess of the digital medium, they now have over 2,600+ plus professionals within our ecosystem and support groups, adding value through group and personal mentoring.

With over 100,000 fans on facebook, they share all our candidates’ success stories on our facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/careerinsightstv). Their candidate have secured life changing roles with companies like Shell, HSBC, Barclays, Accenture, Oracle, Microsoft, Royal Bank Of Scotland and so much more.
As they prepare to set up their work based learning centre in Nigeria this 2016, we felt in only appropriate to showcase the immense value they have added to the lives of Nigerians in diaspora and prepare for their launch in Nigeria pretty soon.

CEO: Keji Giwa CEO DBT
Digital Bananas Technology offers an ideal first step into the digital hemisphere by providing a work based learning environment which includes, hands on training, practical work experience, application of industry standard tools and daily mentoring programs while working on live innovative tech projects.
With intensive hands on training and practical work experience from Digital Bananas Technology, you can apply for high paying roles in Nigeria or anywhere in the world. Check out their long list of success stories ( http://www.careerinsights.tv/success-stories/).
They deliver a complete overview of the essential digital marketing disciplines, giving its candidates a competitive edge over their peers when it comes to securing project management and business analysis roles globally.
The best part of the Digital Bananas platform is that you can gain practical work experience from anywhere in the world and in your own time. The platform bridges the gap between qualification and expertise. A great deal of people have the knowledge gained from a degree or masters but lack the applicable understanding and work experience required to be hired by top blue chip companies. Enjoy the 2014 award show below (embed video)
Digital Bananas leverages your time and energy as well as amplify your impact so as to unlock your true income potential!
Their popular training arm Career Insights (careerinsights.tv), offers a fully comprehensive and well blended work based learning environment with senior leadership workshops, innovative projects to work on, inspirational sessions, as well as 1-to-1 mentoring to help over 30 candidate secure life changing roles each month.
At Career Insights they are not just trainers but also passionate researchers, analysts, consultants and most importantly, practitioners. Meaning, the insight and advice you get is completely up to date and relevant to your chosen industry so you can be confident what you are learning is cutting edge.

Nadine Wright owner Boastie.com
The best thing about what Digital Bananas Technology does is the ability to empower its candidates to take the big leap and launch their own start-up companies regardless of the industry.
This year we saw Nadine Wright launch her own fashion clothing line, Boastie ( boastie.com) at the London fashion week house of Ikons show this year with a follow up of immediate orders from major high street stores and fashion buyers.
She was able to do this through the work experience gained from project managing and business analysing our own digital projects. For the first time ever, we will be showcasing Boastie’s 2015 high quality Collection at the DBT Awards to celebrate her success.
For more enquiries call their London office on: 0203 793 7731 OR 0203 793 7732
Or register FREE at: http://www.careerinsights.tv/contact/
Learn more about Career Insights from their How to based video below: https://vimeo.com/140099919

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